अग्रतश्चतुरो वेदा: पृष्ठत: सशरं धनु:।
इदं ब्राह्ममिदं क्षात्रं शापादपि शरादपि।।
Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Nashik
Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Nashik

Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Nashik Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Nasik

Established in 1933 with the objective to unite and perform activities which are beneficial to members of the community.

So far sangha has been able to achieve following:

  • Educational Books to every one.
  • Monetary assistance for educational expenses.
  • Distribution of Educational Scholarships.
  • Arranging lectures/seminars on various career options.
  • Support of daily needs to lonely families.
  • Monetary assistance for medical treatments.
  • Formation of Credit Co-op society to facilitate small entrepreneurs.
  • Formation of a Business Forum with around 175 entrepreneurs.
  • Arranging workshops and lectures to improve business skills.

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The Chitpavan or Chitpawan, also known as Konkanastha Brahmins (KoBra), are a SmartaBrahmin community of Konkan, the coastal region of western Maharashtra in India. The mythological origins of the Chitpavan community are explained in Hindu scriptures by referring to the tale of Parshuram in the Sahyadrikhanda....

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Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Nashik
Chitpavan Brahman Sangh, Nashik
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